Saturday, January 10, 2009

there is no away

The myth of disposability.

A series of twelve silk garbage bin liners still exist. They are each hand dyed in individual batches using all natural dyes, personally harvested by the artist. Each of these bags have unique decorative elements such as ribbon, sequins, antique lace, and felted wool ornamentation. 

In addition to the altered liner, there was another addition. Torn strips of a bright pink or bright orange paper which had on it, "there is no away" or "disposability is a myth". This was the aesthetic choice of the artist to suit the context in which the garbage bins were located. The purpose of the indiscriminate (within the context) signage is to subtley hint at the value of objects to the collaborator, and for a select few, remind of the equal value of the plastic liner, silk liner, and object they no longer want in their life.

This is about a moment. The moment someone tosses something in, the moment someone sees the silk bag, the moment someone decides to find another garbage bin because they don't want to soil the silk, the moment they look at it and roll their eyes, the moment they pass by without noticing anything.

Many of these liners were documented in their making-process, and  in their installed state. However, not all are documente because that would lead to the false idea that the collection of images (or the objects themselves) are the art. Since the artist chose to not document each liner, and will only publish images of one or two of the collection, the artist ensures that the art will always remain at the moment of interaction—the moment the liner is used. The moment is the art.

These works were installed in public restroom (for men and women) and public spaces in Oakland (8) and San Francisco (4) in the fall of 2008. The pieces still exist in their according landfill sites.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

it is what it was

(Because sometimes we need to remember.)

Gertrude Stein almost had it, but didn't.

When energy was proven to be matter, they were closer. When energy will be generally accepted as information (of equal value to matter, no more no less) it will be fullfilled. 

Energy = Matter = Information = 
Everything is what they were. is / was

Space and time. Simplicity. Toral.

ie. You aren't what you eat, you are what you ate.

Nonexistence of simultenaity. Proven.

UPDATE: 15 January 2009
While sketching, I may have just accidentally proven that molecules aren't exactly what they were.. and we know they have never been what they are, but it may just so happen that everything is only what it will be. Physically, because of concept, nothing exists without a future. Proven because obviously, everything exists until it doesn't.

found time

Grown and discarded.

Found and arranged.

Collected and kept.